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  • Multi-arc ion coating machine for super hard film coating
    Taking use of multi arc ion coating technology can do coating film on metal,alloy,and electrically conductive material(substantially non-conductive material) (using high-frequency bias). Multi-arc Ion plating film can be deposited by metal film, multi-alloy film, compound film; Can be si...

  • About Sputtering Technology in Vacuum Coating Equipments
    Sputtering is a process whereby atoms are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles. It only happens when the kinetic energy of the incoming particles is much higher than conventional thermal energies (≫ 1 eV). This process can lead, dur...

  • Heat treatment on metals (2)
    Heat treatment on metals (2)     nnealing Main article:Annealing (metallurgy) Annealing is atechnique used to recover cold work and relax stresses within a metal.Annealing typically results in a soft, ductile metal. When an annealed part isallowed to cool in...

  • Industry news:Vacuum Brazing Furnace, Conventional Directional Solidification
    The so-called heat-generating composition method is to melt a good liquid metal is poured into a sidewall insulation, cooling the bottom of the top cover of the mold in the heating agent to establish a top-down and the temperature gradient in the molten metal has solidified metal, from top to ...