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  • Vacuum coating equipments’ chamber welding technology standards
    Stainless steel ultra high vacuum coating equipments ' vacuum chamber welding and designing standard: 1, To reduce the weld seam and weld length on the surface of vacuum chamber as much as possible. 2, To weld the weld seam from the inner surface of vacuum chamber,and make the weld porosi...

  • Magnetron sputtering deposition and continuous sputtering coating line
    For the large sized substrate coating or deposition, the contemporary advanced technology is the high quality magnetron sputtering coating or deposition, which can make sophisticated multi-layers coating designed on glass or plastic panels and realize diverse colors or optical films with c...

  • Heat treatment on metals (1)
    Heat treatement on metals   Heat treatment is a method used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemicalproperties of a material. The most common application is metallurgical. Heattreatments are also used in the manufacture of many other materials, such asglass. Heat treatment invo...

  • Ultra-high vacuum vessel weld requirements
    Ultra-high vacuum vessel weld requirements In the case of the vacuum unit configured to determine, the device can achieve the ultimate pressure depends on the flow inside the system from outside the system of total leakage rate Qo and the formation of a virtual total leakage "leakage" r...