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  • Aluminum vacuum brazing process
     Aluminum vacuum brazing process     Vacuum aluminum soldering furnace   For car radiator brazing, heat exchanger brazing...   1.This process suit for small aluminum Plate-fin heat exchanger vacuum brazing job.   2.vacuum fur...

  • How do vacuum pumps work
    There are many different types of vacuum pumps such as liquid ring vacuum pump , rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump, molecular vacuum pump, but the main function of a vacuum pump is to pull air or gases out of a container. The air or gas is sucked or...

  • Germany has researched low emissivity coating method for architectural glass
     In Germany, building adopting energy-saving low-e glass coating has been a standard practice. As Germany BINE club's latest report, Germany has developed low emissivity coating again, which opened up a broader application prospect. The low-e glass, also called low radiation glass, wh...

  • Vacuum Coating Technologies
    The vacuum deposition techniques are particularly interesting for the production of coatings since the have an extremely reduced environmental impact and a high versatility. All the vacuum deposition techniques are characterized by the following principle of operation: 1.The parts to be coa...