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  • Plastic vacuum coating equipment vacuum evaporation Plating Technology
    Vacuum coating equipments plastic decorative film evaporation plating , general plastic vacuum evaporation coating machine has horizontal vertical double room (clam-shaped) two. Vacuum coating machine evaporation coating process is: cleaning degreasing - shelves - a cured primer - Evapo...

  • General evaporation source of the evaporation vacuum coating machine
    Evaporation source is used for the heating the film substrate and vaporized to the material. Current evaporation source used mainly resistance heating, electron beam heating, induction heating, arc heating, and laser heating and other forms. Resistance heating evaporation source: resistive...

  • High-vacuum brazing of diamond tools 3
    High-vacuum brazing of diamond tools 3 Dependence of the brazing process on diamond type, brazingtemperature and braze material The problem of the stability of diamond,namely the resistance of the diamondlattice to being converted into thelattice structure of ‘graphite&rs...

  • The vacuum chamber vacuum coating equipment how to design
         The vacuum chamber vacuum coating equipment how to design? Vacuum coating technology is the use of physical or chemical methods under vacuum conditions, so that the membrane surface to obtain the required vacuum coating technology which uses a method according to t...