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  • The main factors affecting of the vacuum pump fuction
      1, the impact of the condensate: Condensate having insignificant position in a multistage vacuum pump in order to ensure plenty of condensed water vapor can be condensed, pump discharge pressure of water vapor partial pressure higher than necessary to its corresponding full v...

  • The main classification of vacuum coating machines
    The main classification, there are two main categories: evaporation deposition vacuum coating machine and sputtering deposition vacuum coating, specific includes many types, including vacuum ion evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine , MBE molecular beam epita...

  • Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treating, Brazing and Sintering
    Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treating , Brazing and Sintering Introduction processing temperatures that are more efficiently accomplished by electric vacuum furnaces.  Further-more, the food and medical instrument industries have become attracted to the“bright” non-oxidiz...

  • Vacuum Brazing Welding Equipment Fixture Design
    Vacuum Brazing Welding Equipment ​ ‍Fixture Design Vacuum brazing fixture and general design principles Brazing parts shall be assembled in positioning vacuum brazing, the parts of the question in order to ensure mutual position and brazed joints required to ask gap. Brazing th...