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  • Fair information - THERMPROCESS in Dusseldorf,vacuum furnace fair
    THERMPROCESS International Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology State North Rhine-Westphalia Sectors Industrial vacuum furnace, industrial heat treatment plants and thermal processes for: precious metals, ores, ferrites, glass, enamel, hard metals, ceramics, non-ferrous m...

  • Vacuum Furnaces Temperature Measurement
    Vacuum Furnaces Temperature Measurement   Heating by direct radiation, the main heating mechanism in vacuum, tends to be a slower process than other heating mechanisms such as convection or conduction.  As a result, there are times in the heat treating cycle, particularly during h...

  • The analysis of the residual gas in the chamber of vacuum coating system
     From the point of view of high vacuum and ultra high vacuum, the residual gas in the vacuum system is a problem that must be noticed, the surface of the vacuum system internal residual gas tend to cause pollution, so that not to reach the vacuum process required results of thin film ...

  • High-vacuum brazing of diamond tools 2
    High-vacuum brazing of diamond tools 2   Active or nickel brazes Active brazes are able to braze metalsthat are very difficult to wet or ceramicmaterials. The activation element usedis generally titanium, which during thebrazing process joins with the surfacethat is difficul...