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  • Mobile phones coating machine |Mobile phone vacuum coating equipment
    Mobile phones coating machine , vacuum coating equipment including mobile phone cover plate AR/AF film coating machine, mobile phone shell/cell phone battery cover coating machine, mobile phones aluminum film metallizing machine and built-in antenna buttons non-conductive film coating machi...

  • Vacuum Evaporation Coating Machine Introduction_Leading-Coating
    Vacuum evaporation coating machine is a cheap and fine plastic surface decoration ideal equipment, any color of plastic after vacuum coating can be plated to gold, silver, red, purple, blue, grey, black, 7 colour wait for a variety of color, have more show showily of improve product cla...

  • The Versatile Rotary Vacuum Pump
    A rotary vacuum pumps is generally used in the farming industry. The benefits of a rotary pump are the strength, sized and dependability. Just as any other machine it is important to keep it maintained and in good working condition. The rotary vacuum pump a beneficial tool in farming, beca...

  • The Development of Modern Quenching Liquid
    The Development of Modern Quenching Liquid The Development of Modern Quenching Liquid The metal parts quenching is heated to a temperature above the phase transition, after quenching medium heat in a sharp cooling the resulting martensite; so as to improve or adjust parts vacuum hardeni...