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  • Domestic pump prices
    Domestic pump prices Summarize some of the information through the domestic pump industry outlook in general more substantial, the driving force behind technological development is market demand, due to the expansion of the field of vacuum technology and the rapid growth of high-tech, the d...

  • The Future of vacuum carburizing
    Improving performance. Improved performance demands in aircraftand rotorcraft not only are pushing the development of advanced materials, butalso are driving prime contractors and their suppliers to low-pressure vacuum carburizing.   Typical commercial and military aircraft appli...

  • Progress in Surface Modification Technology
        With the development of scientific and technological progress and the edge of science and technology areas covered surface modification technology " vacuum c​oating " continues to extend and expand. Traditional carburizing, nitriding and other chemical treatment tec...

  • vacuum pump used in medicinal chemistry need attention
    1. Overview Vacuum pump is one of the most commonly used laboratory equipment, often used to require a higher degree of vacuum occasions. Vacuum pump performance is good or bad depends on the structure and oil (oil vapor pressure as low as possible), a good degree of vacuum pump able to...