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  • what is rotary vane pumps?
    what is rotary vane pumps? Defines an eccentrically mounted in the pump rotor and the stator fixed tangent, two (or more) sliding rotary vane in the rotor slot (generally radially) and in contact with the stator wall, the pump chamber is divided into several variable volume A rotary variabl...

  • The Requirements of Application Performance of the Vacuum System
        As semiconductor manufacturing to flourish in our country, domestic and international semiconductor manufacturing companies have launched production line, increasing the domestic used in semiconductor manufacturing line for cleaning ultra-high vacuum system equipment require...

  • The future development of coating industry must be vacuum coating
    Today there are two main types of professional coating methods,one is chemical deposition (CVD), one is physical climate accumulation, also called vacuum deposition (PVD). Chemical coating is rich in a membrane element of gaseous reaction agent or liquid reaction required for other gas intr...

  • The specific application scope of vacuum coating machine
    •Application in haring coating: Cutting tool, mould and components of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Choose magnetron medium frequency arc ion coating equipment. •Application in protective coating: Aircraft engine motor blade, auto body sheet, and cooling fin. Choose magn...