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  • Choice points vacuum coating machine
    Choice points vacuum coating machine Vacuum evaporation coating machine according to the technical requirements and selection criteria are not the same type of coating equipment, its types transpiration resistance, electron beam transpiration, magnetron sputtering, reactive magnetron sp...

  • Regulators vacuum coating equipment
    Regulators vacuum coating equipment The regulator is to protect the device from the current destruction of precision electronic components must be equipped with parts, city power supply voltage fluctuated change is a very normal thing, the regulator solves the vacuum coating equipment o...

  • coating industry which is facing problems
    coating industry which is facing problems The entire coating machine market, including a variety of process coating technology needed to follow up the international road, most domestic enterprises frequently use to film coating machines, in 2015, demand is expected in the coating ind...

  • Vacuum sintering furnace Introduction and Selection Guide
    Vacuum sintering furnace Introduction and Selection Guide A, vacuum sintering means that the powder, powder compact, or other form of material under vacuum, heated at a suitable temperature, by means of atomic migration to achieve coupling between the particles. The purpose is to make the p...