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  • Vacuum measurement
    Vacuum measurement Thermocouple vacuum gauge The electric potential of the temperature using a thermocouple and the heating element is related to the principle of the temperature of the element and the heat conduction gas to measure the degree of vacuum on the vacuum gauge. Ionization...

  • Roots pump maintenance and repair
    Roots pump maintenance and repair 1. Daily inspection:      1) Check the oil level: too much oil temperature will rise, too little oil will cause poor lubrication.      2) Check the temperature: Use a thermometer to check the temperature of various pa...

  • Limitations exist in the development of vacuum pump
    Limitations exist in the development of vacuum pump At present, most of the focus of the vacuum pump companies in Taizhou, Zhejiang region, do some mainstream domestic demand, some do foreign trade. As the market during the year after the financial crisis, foreign trade is not doing well, i...

  • Stainless Steel Brazing on Graphite Fixtures
    Stainless Stel Brazing on Graphite Fixtures?   By Dan Kay   Many brazing shops use graphite fixtures onwhich to set parts that are to be brazed. Graphite fixtures have excellent thermal stability, enabling them to be used again and again through many brazing cycles. Thi...