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  • Direct rotary vane vacuum pump maintenance for xz,2xz,2xz-B type
    XZ, 2XZ, 2XZ-B-type Direct rotary vane vacuum pump First, the ultimate truth is not high and its elimination 1, the oil level is too low, you can not play on the exhaust valve seal effect, a larger ...

  • Crankshaft pump repair methods
    Vacuum pump repair method of the crankshaft (1) measuring the level of the crankshaft main journal and crank neck wear, certainly repair or replacement, metal brush or spray methods available to stop t...

  • diaphragm type selection
    (一) diaphragm type selection 1, the diaphragm valve type selection diaphragm valve of choice is the choice of the most important aspects. Many types of diaphragm valve, commonly used through single-s...

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